Lightning Jack


Time Out says

This film, written by Paul Hogan, is essentially a straight Western with comic touches. Lightning Jack Kane (Hogan) is the self-styled sharpest shooter in the West. Unfortunately, the authorities don't share Jack's high opinion of himself, and consistently refuse to up the price on his head. Only when Jack teams up with mute novice desperado Ben Doyle (Gooding) do things start going his way. Now, can he get the girl (D'Angelo) as well? The central conceit, of two outlaws obsessed by their 'reviews' in the press, is a nice one, and the interplay between them is at times mildly amusing.

By: NKe


Release details

114 mins

Cast and crew

Simon Wincer
Paul Hogan
Paul Hogan
Cuba Gooding Jr
Beverly D'Angelo
Kamala Dawson
Pat Hingle
Frank McRae
Roger Daltrey
Richard Riehle
LQ Jones
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