Like Father, Like Son


Time Out says

A dud movie wrapping Moore's 'kid in a man's body' routine around a convenient age-swap plot. Dad (Moore) is a successful surgeon committed to good medicine for all; son Chris (Cameron) is a raunchy teenage tearaway. Dad wants Chris to follow in his footsteps and do good for others; Chris just wants to get laid. Enter a desert potion that enables 'transference of souls'. Dad drinks it, looks into son's eyes, the souls transfer, and - surprise, surprise - Dad's in Chris's body, and Chris in Dad's. This enables Dudley to play Arthur all over again with his dad's Gold Amex card. Meanwhile Chris turns up at the hospital to take patients' temperatures and shock the starchy surgeon fraternity with snazzy one-liners. The scam would have had a longer lifespan had Moore played true to the character of 16-year-old Chris instead of turning up as some generic 13-year-old. As it turns out, Cameron gets most of the laughs.


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