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Time Out says

'Orphans are like dogs; people only want puppies' - an accurate if cheesy observation by cynical bully Ox (Plemmons), who shares a dorm in the orphanage with Calvin Cambridge (teenage rapper Lil Bow Wow) and chums Murph (Lipnicki) and Reg (Song). Despite poor prospects, gloomy surroundings and creepy warden Stan Bittleman (Glover), things take an upturn when Calv gets a pair of used trainers with Michael Jordan's initials inside. Spookily, despite his li'l stature, Calvin's basketball moves improve when he puts on the sneakers - to the point that he's spotted by the LA Knights' manager and taken on to help them win the NBA title. In spite of a fanciful plot, not to mention shameless product placement, this kids' movie has plenty going for it. Bow Wow makes an impressive film debut; parents and children will love Calv's plucky can-do attitude; and the action sequences are given a little more oomph due to the presence of real life basketball pros.

By: JFu


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

John Schultz
Michael Elliot, Jordan Moffet
Lil Bow Wow
Morris Chestnut
Jonathan Lipnicki
Robert Forster
Crispin Glover
Anna Meara
Eugene Levy
Brenda Song
Jesse Plemmons
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