Lilo & Stitch


Time Out says

Lilo is a cute, thoroughly mixed-up Hawaiian orphan constantly at loggerheads with Nani, her twenty-something sister and guardian. Life's been one long round of arguments since the girls' parents died in a car crash, and Lilo, especially, has become lonely and withdrawn. Stitch, on the other hand, is from another planet. A genetic experiment gone wrong, he looks like a cross between a koala, an extra from Gremlins and a computer-game character. The ultimate intergalactic fighter, he has incredible strength; he's also tireless and outrageously destructive. Which is why his creator Jumba has been ordered to dispose of him. Cut to Earth, and a spaceship crashing into Lilo's island: the unwanted Stitch is looking for a family. Sanders and DeBlois's vague animated retread of ET is surprisingly sparky, with snippets of laugh-out-loud dialogue and a rocking soundtrack, courtesy of Elvis Presley, Lilo's favourite artist - most un-Disneyesque, wouldn't you say? Regrettably, towards the end the film veers off into a mess of weird aliens and Cartoon Network silliness.


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