Lilo & Stitch

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Time Out says

Lilo is a cute, thoroughly mixed-up Hawaiian orphan constantly at loggerheads with Nani, her twenty-something sister and guardian. Life's been one long round of arguments since the girls' parents died in a car crash, and Lilo, especially, has become lonely and withdrawn. Stitch, on the other hand, is from another planet. A genetic experiment gone wrong, he looks like a cross between a koala, an extra from Gremlins and a computer-game character.

The ultimate intergalactic fighter, he has incredible strength; he's also tireless and outrageously destructive. Which is why his creator Jumba has been ordered to dispose of him. Cut to Earth, and a spaceship crashing into Lilo's island: the unwanted Stitch is looking for a family. Sanders and DeBlois's vague animated retread of ET is surprisingly sparky, with snippets of laugh-out-loud dialogue and a rocking soundtrack, courtesy of Elvis Presley, Lilo's favourite artist - most un-Disneyesque, wouldn't you say? Regrettably, towards the end the film veers off into a mess of weird aliens and Cartoon Network silliness.

By: DA


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois
Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois
Christopher Michael Sanders
Daveigh Chase
Tia Carrere
Ving Rhames
David Ogden Stiers
Zoe Caldwell
Kevin McDonald
Jason Scott Lee
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