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Link is a morning-suited monkey who acts as valet for Terence Stamp, the mad professor who lives in a strange, dark mansion high on the cliffs in the middle of nowhere. Also around the house are Voodoo, and Imp, a chimp which apparently has the strength of eight men and the mind of a one-year-old. Franklin was responsible for Psycho II, so it's not long before, in best Hitchcock tradition, the master goes missing and the young American student assistant (Shue) is left to fight for her life against the unstoppable furry ones. Incidental pleasure comes from Link himself, a sly charmer with big paws and a penchant for cigars, who seems to have strayed in from The Jungle Book; but it's a slight affair which comes down to nothing more than frights in the cellars and who will survive? Too much monkey business. CPea.

By: CPea


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