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Liquid Dreams


Time Out says

In this sleekly designed, sub-Cronenbergian sci-fi pic, Candice Daly's investigations into her sister's death from an alleged drugs overdose draw her into the twilight world of Neurovid, a kinky satellite TV channel inspired by Videodrome. Aided by a sympathetic cop (Steinmetz), Daly tries to discover the secret of the ultimate thrill, known as The Ritual. The sex is mildly perverse, the tone coldly cerebral, with a fine debut from the striking Daly, and strong support from Barry Dennen as The Major, Neurovid's icy supremo.

Release Details

  • Duration:98 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:Mark Manos
  • Screenwriter:Mark Manos, Zack Davis
  • Cast:
    • Candice Daly
    • Richard Steinmetz
    • Barry Dennen
    • Juan Fernandez
    • Tracey Walter
    • Frankie Thorn
    • Paul Bartel
    • Mink Stole
    • John Doe
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