Little Black Book


Time Out says

This latest Brittany Murphy comedy attempts to shake up the rom-com formula with mixed results. When TV junior Stacy (Murphy) discovers that her absent boyfriend Derek (Ron Livingston) keeps a picture of an ex on his Palm Pilot, she interviews his significant exes under a pseudonym, pretending it’s research for the chat show on which she works. The idea is to gain a greater understanding of Derek, but Stacy learns a lot more than she bargains for about men, relationships and working ethics in the television game. With Holly Hunter as an ambitious colleague and Kathy Bates as a self-important show host, this flirts with sharp satire about broadcasting but too often diverts to failed farce as Stacy fumbles around her boyfriend’s apartment and life. This inhabits a strange middle ground between cynical comedy and sappy chick flick, and while its preference for realism over romance may be laudable, it’s unlikely to satisfy fans of either genre.


Release details

Release date:
Friday October 29 2004
97 mins

Cast and crew

Nick Hurran
Brittany Murphy
Holly Hunter
Kathy Bates
Ron Livingston
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