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Time Out says

Yvonne Rainer's characteristically witty and episodic first feature draws together the different strands of her own work (as dancer, choreographer, director) in a multi-faceted reflection of and on the elements of role playing within role playing. Three dancers, whose emotional triangle provides the film's narrative centre, are observed - from one another's points of view, in rehearsal and performance, public and private, expressing their own feelings and other people's - with Babette Mangolte's tightly choreographed camerawork visually equating Rainer's zig-zagging approach to a central theme.

By: JD


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Yvonne Rainer
Yvonne Rainer
John Erdman
Valda Setterfield
Shirley Soffer
Fernando Torm
James Barth
Tannis Huill
Epp Kotkas
Sarah Soffer
Yvonne Rainer
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