Loch Ness


Time Out says

Expect wall to wall effects, and you'll be disappointed. Here's a jaunty family fable where the power of legend and imagination, and the affection for people and place vanquish all-comers. Rarer than a sighting of Nessie is, of course, a sparkling movie performance from Danson, but that's what we get, self-deprecating and sympathetic as the has-been LA zoologist sent to disprove the existence of the mythic beastie once and for all. The witty script sticks to the formula in confronting him with Richardson's no-nonsense lochside innkeeper (to supply the romance) and her lively daughter (Graham, agreeably unprecocious). No, it's not original, but with terrific support from wax-jacketed water bailiff Holm, bright eyed expedition helper Frain, some perfectly judged shock moments from John Henderson (directing his first features after the children's TV series The Borrowers), and a lush, classy, folk-tinged score from Trevor Jones, it's a compact winner that hits the bull's eye in almost every department.

By: TJ


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

John Henderson
John Fusco
Ted Danson
Joely Richardson
Ian Holm
Harris Yulin
James Frain
Keith Allen
Nick Brimble
Kirsty Graham
Harry Jones
Julian Curry
John Savident
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