Loin des Barbares


Time Out says

An impressive thriller-style investigation into the realities of exile for Paris's Albanian community. Zana (Blanc), a painter, spirited out of Albania as a baby, receives a call from a compatriot refugee at the airport saying he has news of the father she assumed was dead. She helps the man escape and embarks on an eye-opening tour through a little-seen side of Paris - the refugee camps, hotels and places of political asylum. Shot in a dark, frenetic style, the movie doesn't pull its punches, and nor does it offer any simplistic insights. Fine performances.


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Liria Bégéja
Liria Bégéja, Olivier Douyère, Philippe Barassat
Dominique Blanc
Timo Flloko
Sulejman Pitarka
Piro Mani
Ronald Guttman