London Kills Me


Time Out says

Twenty, unemployed and tired of being in debt, Notting Hill drugs dealer Clint (Chadwick) decides to go straight. Trouble is, friend and posse boss Muffdiver (Mackintosh) is reluctant to let him go. Worse, Clint not only rivals Muff for the affections of junkie Sylvie (McCourt), but he lacks the shoes he needs to become a waiter at a local diner. Ready to beg, steal or borrow from anyone, Clint embarks on a quest for footwear. Kureishi's directing debut means well, but wayward plotting, charmless performances and flat direction ensure that tedium sets in early. Evidently intended as an authentic look at Notting Hill life, it rarely rings true; and Kureishi buries the flaws beneath sporadic bursts of running about to music (hoary clichés for showing the wild, irresponsible joys of youth). It's hard, finally, to know exactly what it's all about, or even whether it's meant as a comedy.

By: GA


Release details

107 mins

Cast and crew

Hanif Kureishi
Hanif Kureishi
Justin Chadwick
Steven Mackintosh
Emer McCourt
Roshan Seth
Fiona Shaw
Brad Dourif
Tony Haygarth
Stevan Rimkus
Eleanor David
Alun Armstrong
Naveen Andrews
Garry Cooper
Gordon Warnecke
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