Long Shot

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

An incestuous, half-hoax docu-farce, largely set against the background of the Edinburgh Festival, on the travails of setting up a British feature film. Scots producer Gormley hustles to package Neville Smith's commercial-sounding script about Aberdeen oilmen (called Gulf and Western), fighting to retain some semblance of meaning for the words 'independent' and 'British' in the face of temptations to grab an American director, Euro-market stars, and even the remotest whiff of Québecois finance. If you can imagine a picaresque comedy being forged from the repeated lament for a native cinema, this is it - and its hard-knocks humour probably succeeds in carrying it beyond an in-joke.

By: PT


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Maurice Hatton
Eoin McCann and the cast
Charles Gormley
Neville Smith
Ann Zelda
David Stone
Suzanne Danielle
Wim Wenders
Stephen Frears
Bill Forsyth
Jim Haines
Alan Bennett
John Boorman
Susannah York
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