Looking for Angel


Time Out says

Producer/distributor Suzuki's directorial debut recaptures the waywardness of some New York underground movies of the '60s with its mix of sexual uncertainties, memories, regrets and all too fleeting friendships, not to mention its informal, jazz-riff visual style. Shinpei (Suehiro) is a country boy alone in Tokyo - maybe gay, maybe not - invited to a party by a girl he hasn't seen in a while. It turns out to be a wake for Takachi (Imaizumi), a gay guy who 'acted' in straight porn, now apparently murdered by a casual pick-up. During the night Shinpei pieces together Takachi's story: his friendship with a beautiful rent boy, his move to Kochi (where 'the boys are like angels'), his return to Tokyo - and his heartbreaking plea for gentleness on what turned out to be the last night of his life. Suzuki calls it 'anti-heterosexist', which seems about right.

By: TR


Release details

61 mins

Cast and crew

Akihiro Suzuki
Akihiro Suzuki, Toshiko Takashi, Jun Kurosawa
Koichi Imaizumi
Akira Suehiro
Hotaru Hazuki
Akira Kuroiwa
Hiroyuki Oki
Akihiro Suzuki
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