Looking for Leonard


Time Out says

Despite a reasonable turn by Huffman as the moody Montreal beauty who lives and reluctantly works with a boorish smalltime crook and his moronic brother, this relentlessly unimaginative indie is too listless, shallow and derivative to hold the attention. Budding romance with a Czech wrongly wanted for murder and a love of Leonard Cohen's novel Beautiful Losers (hence the title) don't so much deepen her character as up the tiresome 'wacky' quotient. The plotting's perfunctory and the unfunny dialogue heavily fuck-this fuck-that. If you want Hal Hartley, watch a Hartley, not this rip-off.

By: GA


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Matt Bissonnette, Steven Clark
Matt Bissonnette, Steven Clark
Kim Huffman
Joel Bissonnette
Ben Ratner
Darcy Belsher
Molly Parker
Justin Pierce
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