Looks and Smiles


Time Out says

Sheffield, 1980: the evening paper warns of yet more redundancies in the steel industry, and the choice before school leavers Alan and Mick is either the forces or the dole. Alan (Pitts) enlists and is posted to Belfast, where he develops a taste for duffing up Catholics. Mick (Green) stays at home, tinkers with his bike, scours the sits vac, and takes up with shop-girl Karen (Nicholson) amid rising despair. Familiar Loach territory, and presented in characteristically spartan documentary style. Excellent performances from the three principals (all amateurs), resolutely unfussy black-and-white photography by Chris Menges, and a complete absence of self-consciousness on either side of the camera add up to a quietly devastating portrayal of human waste.

By: JP


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Ken Loach
Barry Hines
Graham Green
Carolyn Nicholson
Tony Pitts
Roy Haywood
Phil Askham
pam Darrell
Tracey Goodlad
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