Lord Jim

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Brooks' adaptation of Conrad's novel is immeasurably better than its reputation, and a scene towards the end - on a raft in the middle of a fog-bound river as O'Toole's Jim and Mason's Gentleman Brown discuss the age of the world and the price of evil - is an extraordinary attempt to convey Conradian metaphysics. 'Attempt', because Brooks is not entirely successful, with a major structural flaw (as in the novel itself) when the story ends two-thirds of the way through and has to start up again. Nevertheless, the film's pleasures far outweigh its inadequacies: Freddie Young's photography does for the Asian jungles what he did for the desert in Lawrence of Arabia, and the same might be said in praise of O'Toole's all-aquiver, neurotic performance.

By: ATu


Release details

154 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Brooks
Richard Brooks
Peter O'Toole
Paul Lukas
Daliah Lavi
Eli Wallach
Curd Jürgens
James Mason
Akim Tamiroff
Jack Hawkins
Ichizo Itami
Jack MacGowran
Christian Marquand
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