Lost Embrace


Time Out says

Set in a Buenos Aires galería (shopping mall), this superb, minor-chord comedy places lingerie clerk Ariel (the sweet and doleful Daniel Hendler from ‘Whisky’) at the rueful centre of a group of garrulous, mainly Jewish, fellow shopkeepers, family and mild idiosyncrats as he receives a series of revelations about the father he never knew. Shot like ‘The Office’ on a mobile, hand-held camera which zooms in and out to catch background events and character reactions, Burman’s affectionate, talkative film trades on acceptable levels of sentimentality and boasts a series of winning performances, notably Hendler’s and Adriana Aizemberg’s as his evasive mother. Reminiscent at times of Chantal Ackerman’s mall-set musical ‘Golden Eighties’ or Joan Micklin Silver’s bitter-sweet Jewish homage ‘Crossing Delancey’, ‘Lost Embrace’ sets a drolly comic tone all of its own. Small and light, but it’s rewardingly full of acute observations, from the gently satiric to the surprisingly poignant.

By: Wally Hammond



Release details

Release date:
Friday April 28 2006
100 mins

Cast and crew

Daniel Burman
Marcelo Birmajer, Daniel Burman
Daniel Hendler
Adriana Aizenberg
Jorge D'Elia
Sergio Boris
Diego Korol
Silvina Bosco
Atilio Pozzobon
Isaac Fajn
Salo Pasik
Melina Petriella
Norman Erlich
Rosita Londner
Juan José Flores Quispe
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