Lost in La Mancha

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Time Out says

Given that Fulton and Pepe had made a superior 'making of' documentary about his feature film12 Monkeys, it's not surprising that Terry Gilliam gave the pair unusually good access on the set of the 'Don Quixote' movie he'd been planning for a decade or so. The director on view in Lost in La Mancha may be ambitious, inventive and optimistic, but he's also pragmatic, open to discussion, and prepared to adapt to anything adversity can throw at him - which in this case was finally far too much. The relentless stream of sheer bad luck captured for posterity by Pepe's digital camera makes one wonder whether Quixote movies might be jinxed. Whatever, it also makes for compelling viewing, offering terrific insights into the commercial cinema's absolute dependence on money and how a massive enterprise can be brought down by the smallest problem. Thanks to the directors' narrative skills, events unfold with admirable clarity. One may not get a clear idea of how the film would have turned out, but there's certainly a poignancy to seeing these brief fragments of a shattered dream.

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Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe
Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe
Terry Gilliam
Jean Rochefort
Johnny Depp
Tony Grisoni
Philip Patterson
René Cleitman
Nicola Pecorini
José Luis Escolar
Barbara Perez-Solero
Benjamín Fernández
Ray Cooper
Carlo Poggioli
Andrea Calderwood
Gabriella Pescucci
Bernard Bouix
Fred Milstein
Jeff Bridges
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