Lost Killers


Time Out says

Mannheim, Germany, is the setting for another portrait of immigrants struggling against the odds. Familiar fare, you might think, or at least it would be if writer/director Tsintsadze hadn't taken a leaf out of Kusturica's book and brought a strong vein of anarchic comedy to their tribulations. A Vietnamese prostitute, who went into a coma after sex, is out for vengeance against the crocodile who ate her mother; a Haitian refugee is prepared to sell one of his kidneys if this will take him to Australia; and a Croatian-Georgian double act have set themselves up as hired assassins, but are having problems pulling the trigger. The plotting is episodic, and although the proceedings are too self-consciously absurd to generate much credibility, the raucous acting is cumulatively ingratiating.

By: TJ


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Dito Tsintsadze
Dito Tsintsadze
Nicole Seelig
Misel Maticevic
Lasha Bakradze
Elie James Blezes
Franca Kastein Ferreira Alves
Franz Koller
Michael Holz
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