Lost Sex


Time Out says

Given Shindo's predilection for either pretentious symbolism or heady sex 'n' violence, you might well fear the worst for this study of a middle-aged man who lost his virility at Hiroshima, regained it, lost it again after Bikini, and is patiently coaxed back to vim and vigour by his obliging widowed housekeeper. Surprisingly, it turns into an engaging character study, coloured by a wry wit more characteristic of Ichikawa. Few other directors could have brought the correct serio-comic touch to a scene in which the housekeeper, seeking to stimulate her master, stage manages an 'ancient custom' in which three masked males besiege her house by night, miaowing like rampant toms. Adding greatly to the pleasure are some marvellously melancholy (and beautifully photographed) snowy mountain locations.

By: TM


Release details

103 mins

Cast and crew

Kaneto Shindo
Kaneto Shindo
Hideo Kanze
Nobuko Otowa
Eijiro Tono
Yoshinobu Ogawa
Kaori Shima
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