Louisiana Story


Time Out says

Flaherty's last work, like his first, Nanook of the North, was the product of one of those fluke occasions when a sponsor (in this case, the Standard Oil Company) offers money with no strings attached. With no disciplining 'purpose', Flaherty's totally intuitive method was tested to its limits - and his editor Helen van Dongen has recorded the extraordinary convolutions of plot and readings that his material underwent en route to its ravishing conclusion. As an account of oil exploration, Flaherty's narrative may seem slightly naive; but his vision of a child's myth-world, and the oilmen's intrusion and acceptance into it, is perhaps his greatest achievement.

By: DC


Release details

77 mins

Cast and crew

Robert J Flaherty
Robert J Flaherty, Frances Flaherty
Frank Hardy
CT Guedry
Joseph Boudreaux
E Bienvenu
Lionel LeBlanc
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