Love Hurts


Time Out says

Well-meaning, not unintelligent, but rather tiresome look at the volatile relationship of two ill-matched lovers: a fully paid-up member of 'alternative Amsterdam' (she sings, helps out Kurdish refugees, worries about her HIV-positive friend, gets smashed, and laughs and screams a lot), and a comparatively strait-laced lawyer. Intended, surely, as a realistic study of the fragility of love in a divided, crumbling world, the film not only takes a few unnecessary turns into melodrama, but is relentlessly PC as its heroine, even more than her sullen lover, soon becomes an acute pain in the arse.

By: GA


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Mijke de Jong
Jan Eilander, Mijke de Jong
Marieke Heebink
Mark Rietman
Andre-Arend Van Noord
Mientje Kleijer
Tanar Catalpinar
Roef Ragas
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