Love Hurts


Time Out says

Well-meaning, not unintelligent, but rather tiresome look at the volatile relationship of two ill-matched lovers: a fully paid-up member of 'alternative Amsterdam' (she sings, helps out Kurdish refugees, worries about her HIV-positive friend, gets smashed, and laughs and screams a lot), and a comparatively strait-laced lawyer. Intended, surely, as a realistic study of the fragility of love in a divided, crumbling world, the film not only takes a few unnecessary turns into melodrama, but is relentlessly PC as its heroine, even more than her sullen lover, soon becomes an acute pain in the arse.


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Mijke de Jong
Jan Eilander, Mijke de Jong
Marieke Heebink
Mark Rietman
Andre-Arend Van Noord
Mientje Kleijer
Tanar Catalpinar
Roef Ragas