Love in the Afternoon


Time Out says

The last of Rohmer's Six Moral Tales sees its hero married - in contrast to the protagonists of the earlier films, who were merely contemplating marriage - and resisting the temptation of an affair, almost out of perversity. Equally, the film is a homage to the late afternoon - seen by Rohmer as a sunny parallel to 3am and the dark night of the soul - the time Bernard Verley eccentrically chooses as his regular lunch time. A formal, elegant examination of someone puzzled by marital fidelity, Love in the Afternoon is a wonderfully cool and lucid exposition of the twists and turns of its hero's thoughts.

By: PH


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Eric Rohmer
Eric Rohmer
Bernard Verley
Françoise Verley
Daniel Ceccaldi
Malvina Penne
Babette Ferrier
Frédérique Hender
Claude-Jean Philippe
Marie-Christine Barrault
Béatrice Romand
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