Love Will Tear Us Apart


Time Out says

Ace cinematographer Yu (Xiao Wu, Ordinary Heroes) has come up with the kind of debut feature that vindicates shoestring indie film-making. He focuses on the new underclass of recent immigrants to Hong Kong from Mainland China - the 'hicks' stuck in the sex industry or crappy menial jobs - but looks beyond sociology. Ah Ying (Wong, a recent graduate from drama college in Beijing) gives up karaoke bar work in China to try her luck in Hong Kong. Trapped in prostitution and shoplifting, she heads for a crack-up. Her path crosses those of porn tape vendor Ah Jian (Leung, from L'Amant, also the co-producer), ex-dancer and fantasist Ah Yan (Lü, from The Blue Kite) and elevator repairman Ah Chun (first-timer Chow). Yu's real subject is the masochistic resignation that keeps these people locked in their personal hells; he approaches it with unexpected wit and good humour.

By: TR


Release details

113 mins

Cast and crew

Yu Lik-Wai
Yu Lik-Wai
Lü Liping
Wong Ning
Rolf Chow
Tony Leung Leung Ka-Fai
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