Lovers in Woomuk-Baemi


Time Out says

The nearest Jang has ever come to straight social realism, this describes a stormy sexual triangle in the outer city suburb of the title. A male supervisor in a small sewing factory consoles one of the workers, a woman battered by her impotent husband, and they find themselves having an affair. Trouble is, he already has a steady partner, a former bargirl who won't give him up without a fight. Jang doesn't take sides (each of the characters has his/her reasons) but relishes the spontaneity of the emotions and the impossibility of concealing the scandal from the rest of the community. There's no symbolism, but the film's verve prefigures the imminent renaissance in Korean cinema.

By: TR


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Jang Sun-Woo
Jang-Sun-Woo, Im Jong-Jai
Park Joong-Hoon
Choi Myong-Gil
Yu Hae-Ri
Lee Dae-Kun
Choi Ju-Bong
Shin Chung-Sik
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