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Moore's a Manhattan psychiatrist who falls for one of his patients (McGovern). This comedy-romance, with the emphasis firmly (and often unbearably) on the latter, smacks more than a little of Woody Allen: no surprise when you consider that Brickman collaborated on Sleeper, Annie Hall and Manhattan. Unfortunately, the Allen trademarks are only superficially exploited; where Woody might have gloried in uncovering and lampooning the psychiatrist's guilt, Brickman avoids any real conflicts, and has the ghost of Sigmund Freud make frequent appearances as a mixed guardian angel/agent provocateur. Guinness fleshes out the role somewhat stiffly, and the result is nothing to compare with the similar function served by Gielgud in Arthur. What's left is a love story slightly less moving than an 'Interflora' ad.

By: GD


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Marshall Brickman
Marshall Brickman
Ron Silver
Dudley Moore
Alan King
Christine Baranski
Alec Guinness
Elizabeth McGovern
Wallace Shawn
John Huston
Gene Saks
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