Lovesick on Nana Street


Time Out says

Chauvinist braggart Victor (Ivgi) has a reputation around his Israeli estate as the local lewd boy, so it's nothing unusual when he propositions a good-looking stranger in town, Michaella (Hasfari), inviting her to a supposed orgy with two Norwegian girls. She's not interested, but the days pass and Victor won't move on, dreaming up an affair and so losing his grip that he is incarcerated in the local asylum, alongside a host of similarly lovelorn fellows. This is one odd number: certainly captivating in its vision of unrequited love en masse, the town a cuckoo's nest of personal breakdown and pandemia. It's also highly problematic, given the director's evident yet obscure identification with Victor's plight: in particular, it's hard to unravel the congruence or otherwise of the character's sexist erotomania with his sudden fit of helpless amour fou. Intriguing, none the less.

By: NB


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Savi Gabizon
Savi Gabizon
Menashe Noy
Shmil Ben-Ari
Hana Azulai-Hasfari
Moshe Ivgi
Tuvia Gelber
Avigail Arieli
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