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Time Out says

What teenage girl wouldn’t dream of being washed up on a desert island with a hunky pop idol? That’s the basis of this youthful romantic comedy from ‘The Blue Lagoon’ director Randal Kleiser. Leggy girl-next-door Amanda Bynes is sporadically amusing as star-struck Jenny, who goes goggle-eyed at the mere sight of singer Jason Masters (model-turned-actor Chris Carmack). Just imagine her delight when they end up on the same boat, in a storm, in the Caribbean. And when Jenny discovers the ‘deserted’ beach is a mere three miles from the resort, she keeps the information to herself with the intent of seducing her unwitting captive.Well, maybe holding hands. This is family-friendly fare, so the potential for dark comedy is polluted by broad slapstick humour, failed comic sidekicks and the occasional stray gross-out gag. While the premise hits the target-market mark, it’s cluttered with a jumble of messy subplots and characters that undermine both romance and comedy (Masters’ faux-cockney assistant is particularly painful). As a wish-fulfilment frippery, ‘Lovewrecked’ isn’t a complete disaster, but any quirky moments end up lost at sea.

By: Anna Smith



Release details

Release date:
Friday May 18 2007
83 mins

Cast and crew

Randal Kleiser
Amanda Bynes
Chris Carmack
Jonathan Bennett
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
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