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Time Out says

A remake of Siodmak's Pièges, transposed to London, with Lucille Ball as the taxi-dancer recruited by the police to help trap a serial killer preying on girls by way of lonely hearts ads. The ambience is strangely indeterminate (contemporary London wavers between Edwardian Gothic and transatlantic chic), and the script - mostly a slavish copy of the original, with all its faults - is not helped by a fatuous 'inspiration' (doubtless intended to add a bit of French decadence) whereby the killer is said to be inspired by Baudelaire's poetry. The lighter scenes work well enough, with Ball's heroine turned into a chorus-line Nancy Drew, and the ambivalently debonair Sanders (a vast improvement on Chevalier) more plausible as both romantic interest and chief suspect. But the darker corners are sadly neglected. Siodmak's superb depiction of the killer's slow, hapless self-betrayal goes for very little here; and the wonderfully sinister, yet touching sequence involving von Stroheim's mad couturier (now played by Karloff) is truncated into crude stereotype.


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Douglas Sirk
Leo Rosten
George Sanders
Lucille Ball
Charles Coburn
Boris Karloff
Cedric Hardwicke
Joseph Calleia
Alan Mowbray
George Zucco
Robert Coote
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