Lust and Desire


Time Out says

A hot title masking cool exploitation, this is an identikit example of the French sex cinema, down to the last chic ensemble and piano arpeggio. Flagging eroticism, with the married antagonists suffering sexual estrangement, is given a typically contrived boost by the introduction of a night-club stripper. The only point in the film's favour is that it does pay a mite more attention than usual to the sexual needs of its female characters, even allowing that lesbianism and bisexuality may offer liberating potential rather than being just another variation.

By: VG


Release details

84 mins

Cast and crew

Julien Saint-Clair
Christian Daniel Watton, Julien Saint-Clair
Claire Gregory
Denyse Roland
Alan Scott
Vania Vilers
Catherine Lafont
Billy Kearns
Francis Lax
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