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Jackson is a Los Angeles drifter who's looking for love, but in all the wrong places. The first candidate is a guy he spies at an orgy. Unfortunately he's unavailable. Even worse the object of desire likes to be kicked around, and then some. Next up, Jackson (Herwick) falls for his hick cousin who comes to visit, but worries whether such a relationship would be incestuous. And of course all the while the answer lies right under his nose. This is Indiewood director Lewis's most consistent film. Characterisation is not his strength, but he's good on the West Coast alternative arts scene, and how very precious it can get.

By: AJ


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Everett Lewis
Everett Lewis
Pamela Gidley
Christopher Freeman
Jonah Blechman
Susannah Melvoin
Justin Herwick
Shane Powers
Barry Wyatt
Sean Thibodeau
Willie Garson
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