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Not an entirely happy production - Sternberg, according to Mitchum, shot and cut it in such a way that characters kept walking into themselves, with the result that Nicholas Ray was called in to reshoot (uncredited) many of the action scenes - but still a delightful bit of RKO exotica. The thin story, set in the port of the title, sees Mitchum's drifter joining up with Russell's sultry singer and helping the local cops catch a criminal bigwig. But what is so enjoyable, apart from Harry Wild's shimmering camerawork, is the tongue-in-cheek tone of the script and performances, best evidenced in the sparkling banter and innuendo between Mitchum and Russell.

By: GA


Release details

81 mins

Cast and crew

Josef von Sternberg
Bernard C Schoenfeld, Stanley Rubin
Robert Mitchum
Jane Russell
William Bendix
Gloria Grahame
Thomas Gomez
Brad Dexter
Philip Ahn
Vladimir Sokoloff
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