MacArthur – The Rebel General


Time Out says

Typical Hollywood biopic (released in the US simply as MacArthur) which, despite proclamations of objectivity, tilts in the direction of hagiography. Inadvertently, the movie mirrors MacArthur in its own hubris: epic ambitions way beyond all budgetary control. The script is sprinkled with walking-on-the-water jokes in a half-hearted attempt to have its MacArthur and demystify him as well, but these merely enhance the image of the Perfect American General ('40s vintage) - a commodity which, as can be seen here, should never be exported.

By: SM


Release details

130 mins

Cast and crew

Joseph Sargent
Hal Barwood, Matthew Robbins
Gregory Peck
Ivan Bonar
Ward Costello
Nicolas Coster
Marj Dusay
Ed Flanders
Art Fleming
Dan O'Herlihy
GD Spradlin
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