Madagascar Skin


Time Out says

This playful second feature is a world away from the medieval meditations of Anchoress. A virtual two-hander, it's a disarming love stories featuring a very odd couple: Hannah's young gay man, a fugitive from the club scene where the Madagascar-shaped birthmark on his face makes him feel ill at ease; and Hill's slightly shady Harry, a thumping heterosexual whose sheltered coastal hideaway may indicate that he too is running away from a past he'd rather not have to deal with. There's plenty of quirky humour, much that's the unexpected, and a gleeful eye for the absurd, as the film quizzically picks its way towards the triumph of their affections.

By: TJ


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Chris Newby
Chris Newby
John Hannah
Bernard Hill
Mark Anthony
Mark Petit
Danny Earl
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