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Mark (Larroquette) and Jessie (Alley) are an LA couple on the threshold of their dreams. The money they earn - he as a finance manager, she as a TV journalist - just about enables them to mortgage their futures away on a cramped starter-home a mile from Venice Beach. Both eye their very own bedroom with delicious expectation, but - this being a comedy - coitus is forever interrupted. First, cousin Fred (Diehl), a newly-redundant sewage treatment operative, arrives with his wife (Lundy), who is pregnant, neurotic, and owner of a murderable cat; they take over the bedroom. Then Jessie's sister (La Placa), a rich bitch who has left her oil-sheik husband, gets the spare room. Having the neighbour (Ginty) about the place when his house burns down ain't so bad, but his kids have seriously bad attitudes. Then there's the elephant... A standard extremist farce, lazily written and fumblingly directed.

By: WH


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Tom Ropelewski
Tom Ropelewski
John Larroquette
Kirstie Alley
Alison LaPlaca
John Diehl
Jessica Lundy
Bradley Gregg
Dennis Miller
Robert Ginty
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