Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

A film that marks a crossroads in Siegel's career. The methods of the two strongarm cops (Widmark and Guardino), given seventy-two hours to find a killer, invite comparisons with those of the two professional gunmen in Siegel's earlier The Killers. But the film also looks forward to Coogan's Bluff and Dirty Harry as the first to exploit the ambivalent enforcer/protector role of the police in society, with Fonda as the martinet police commissioner enforcing strict public morality while practising marital infidelity at home.


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Don Siegel
Henri Simoun, Abraham Polonsky
Richard Widmark
Henry Fonda
Inger Stevens
Harry Guardino
James Whitmore
Susan Clark
Michael Dunn
Steve Ihnat
Don Stroud
Sheree North
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