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One admires Sautet's sang-froid in teaming Piccoli with Piccolo, and the subject's not even a comedy. Far from it, indeed - it's a low key, edgy drama, nicely unpredictable, with a personable bunch of characters flitting in and out of the plot. The three principals are Mado (Piccolo), a prostitute without working too hard at it, who numbers wealthy businessman Simon (Piccoli) among her clients. Pierre (Dutronc) is an old pal of Mado's taken on at her behest as Simon's factotum. The film's central thread is a feud between Simon and a crooked financier, which unwinds against a background of uncertainty. Who, if anyone, will betray whom? An engrossing if finally rather bleak tale, with Piccoli on especially magisterial form.

By: BBa


Release details

125 mins

Cast and crew

Claude Sautet
Claude Sautet, Claude Néron
Michel Piccoli
Ottavia Piccolo
Jacques Dutronc
Charles Denner
Romy Schneider
Claude Dauphin
Nathalie Baye
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