Mädchen in Uniform


Time Out says

A key early German talkie: a powerful melodrama about life in a Prussian boarding school for the daughters of the bourgeoisie - a bastion of the ideology of 'strength through suffering'. The plot mechanics are predictable - unhappy pupil with crush on housemistress is driven to attempt suicide - but the atmosphere and sensitivity to teenage fears are not: stage actress Leontine Sagan brings an exceptionally warm touch to her depiction of female friendships, and her denunciation of the Prussian orthodoxy is more a matter of subtle imagery than shrill accusations. Whether it adds up to a precursor of militant lesbianism is another question...

By: TR


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Leontine Sagan
Christa Winsloe, FD Andam
Dorothea Wieck
Hertha Thiele
Ellen Schwanneke
Emilia Unda
Hedwig Schlichter
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