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Time Out says

An attempt at a linear history of dance music from the '60s to today, or more specifically, the story of Larry Levan (perhaps the most influential DJ ever?). Interviews with pioneers of the underground club scene are intercut with archive footage from Levan's Paradise Garage (or 'Gay-Raj', as it was known). There's plenty of 'you had to be there' commentary (the club operated in New York from 1977 to '87), crediting the scene with the beginning of everything from fag haggery to 'mixing', the birth of the 12-inch and sound systems. Regrettably, the footage fails to provide any sense of the excitement described and part of the blame must fall to the sometimes obvious editing - shots of energetic dancers and waving clubbers, for instance, are 'synched' with interviewees talking about the buzz, rather than the music that inspired it.

By: JFu


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Josell Ramos
Josell Ramos
Larry Levan
David Mancuso
Frankie Knuckles
Nicky Siano
Francis Grasso
François K
'Little Louie' Vega
Danny Tenaglia
Tony Humphries
John Jellybean Benitez
Danny Krivit
Joaquin Joe Claussell
Richard Long
Alex Rosner
Keith Haring
Derrick May
Robert Clivilles
José Padilla
Sven Väth
Patricia Field
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