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Edward Yang's brilliant dark comedy weaves together many characters in present-day Taipei. One desperate businessman faces ruin; another opts out of the rat race and finds a kind of serenity with a woman not his wife. A gang of street-smart boys breaks up. A lost French girl, looking for a man who said he loved her, get a crash course in emotional truths and lies. And one confused boy tries to figure out whether he should love his father or kill him. The various strands of plot are interwoven with phenomenal mastery, and Yang's images are as effortlessly precise as ever. It's his sharpest funny/sad vision of city life yet.

By: TR


Release details

121 mins

Cast and crew

Edward Yang
Edward Yang
Virginie Ledoyen
Tang Congsheng
Ke Yulun
Zhang Zhen
Wang Qizan
Elaine Jin
Carrie Ng
Wu Nianzhen
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