Making Up


Time Out says

An offbeat, sassy look at female friendship. Its 54 minutes tell a very slight story: Maischa (Kronjäger), a boy crazy nurse, has a dreary married boyfriend, but flips for a hunk at a party. The hunk, René, suggests a date, but has visitor Mark in tow. Maischa calls on her scruffy friend Frenzy (Riemann), whose despairing attempts to draw a newspaper comic-strip about a mosquito named Rubi are the backbone of the film, to find her suffering as usual from a creative block. Sulky Frenzy is paired off with Mark, facetious and childish, while Maischa swans off for dinner with gorgeous René. But things are not that simple. The two girls have a brilliant, silly chemistry.

By: SFe


Release details

54 mins

Cast and crew

Katja von Garnier
Benjamin Taylor, Katja von Garnier, Hannes Jaenicke
Katja Riemann
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