Malena Is a Name from a Tango


Time Out says

A strangely detached and self-conscious, but surprisingly involving melodrama, which follows Malena (Gil) from childhood, through her adolescent obsession with a girl-chasing German cousin, and a raunchy but uncommitted relationship with a macho womaniser, to marriage to a loving but dull husband. Malena thinks there's bad blood in the family, and she's got it, unlike her well-behaved twin Reina. Is she too non-conformist ever to find happiness? An arresting take on the social and psychological obstacles faced by free-spirited women in a patriarchal world, it's helped no end by Ariadna Gil's versatile, charismatic performance.


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

Gerardo Herrero
Senel Paz
Ariadna Gil
Marta Belaustegui
Carlos López
Luis Fernando Alvés
Isabel Otero
Marina Saura