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Blending genres to little effect, director Stevan Mena's mix of crime and horror follows a crew of bank robbers as they pursue a child who can identify them into an abandoned slaughterhouse. What they don't realize is that the abattoir has been turned into a torture chamber by a madman who uses really sharp objects to do very bad things to people. Soon, floorboards creak, doors slam and bodies hit the floor. Mena is obviously a devout fan of horror, but all he can do is sluggishly trot out one recognizable trope after another, lacking the inspiration to make them jump

By: DD


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Stevan Mena
Stevan Mena
Brandon Johnson
Samantha Dark
Heather Magee
Richard Glover
Keith Chambers
Courtney Bertolone
John Richard Ingram
Kevin McKelvy
Mia Lotringer
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