Man from Africa and Girl from India

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Sexual repression, cultural alienation and religious fanaticism are only some of the ingredients in the extraordinary 'melting pot' of this movie from Trinidad. Parallel plots, stuck together with lots of calypso music, illustrate contrasting examples of extremism, with the black, virile macho-man Michael not getting enough, and his friend Shaam, the sensitive Indian boy, unable to kiss his beautiful bride without seeing devils. The complicated plot falls over itself trying to explain every moral twist and turn, while the actors (none of them professional) are endearingly theatrical. Apparently a huge success in the West Indies and parts of America, it's being aimed at an ethnic audience here who may be better able to appreciate its style and cultural intricacies.

By: HR


Release details

138 mins

Cast and crew

Harbance Mickey Kumar
Sanam Suri
Michael Walker
Kabir Bedi
Ralph Maraj
Grace Maraj
Ranji Ganase
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