Maniac Cop

Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

Had writer/producer Larry Cohen directed this low-budget thriller himself, it might have displayed more vitality and wit. As it is, despite abundant action and a start involving a fistful of murders, the overall effect is sluggish. There's a psycho killer in police colours terrorising New York. Detective McCrae (Atkins) reckons he's a member of the force, but his boss disagrees, until the wife of young officer Jack Forrest (Campbell) is found dead, leaving a diary and cuttings that implicate her faithless spouse. While Forrest and his policewoman girlfriend (Landon) struggle to establish his innonence, subplots snowball, peripheral characters proliferate, and the killings culminate in a none too imaginatively staged car chase. Only the odd line of dialogue and occasional bizarre detail hint at Cohen's quirky signature; performances and camerawork are solid enough, but both cutting and direction are formulary and flabby.

By: EA


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

William Lustig
Larry Cohen
Erik Holland
Richard Roundtree
Jake La Motta
Bruce Campbell
Tom Atkins
Sheree North
Laurene Landon
William Smith
Robert Z'Dar
Sam Raimi
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