Maniac Cop 2

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Again scripted by Larry Cohen, this sequel is a lively if predictable romp, with unashamedly lowbrow ambitions and a budget to match. Returning from his watery grave to wreak further vengeance on the police force that stitched him up, zombiefied cop Matt Cordell (Z'Dar) teams up with serial killer Turkell (Rossi), a crazed degenerate on 'a crusade against the whores of the world'. Enter the sublimely acne-scarred Davi, stepping into Campbell's shoes (the star of the original is blown away after ten minutes) as substitute hero Lt McKinney, a gun-toting cynic who doesn't believe in the walking dead, psychiatrists, or guilt. Directed with workaday deftness by Lustig, who squeezes in a couple of rattlingly good car chases and some spectacular fiery special effects, the movie is notable mainly for the quirky black comedy of Cohen's script. Boasting some incredibly cheap gags about casually slaying traffic cops on parking patrol, this is bound to keep the exploitation cognoscenti more than happy.

By: MK


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

William Lustig
Larry Cohen
Robert Davi
Claudia Christian
Michael Lerner
Bruce Campbell
Laurene Landon
Robert Z'Dar
Leo Rossi
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