Manila: In the Claws of Darkness


Time Out says

Gripped in the film's subtitular 'claws of darkness', country-boy Julio seeks his lost village sweetheart, lured to the big city by a procuress. Slitting the underbelly of Manila (Brocka's true protagonist), he moves through shanty towns, street markets, building sites, brothels, and cheap Chinese cafés, all throbbing with poisonous life: the sin and cynicism of poverty under President Marcos' regime, captured with a raw immediacy against which the golden, sun-splashed flashbacks of pastoral romance seem like the flimsiest of painted veils.


Release details

125 mins

Cast and crew

Lino Brocka
Clodualdo del Mundo Jr
Rafael Roco Jr
Hilda Koronel
Lou Salvador Jr
Lily Gamboa-Mendoza
Juling Bagabaldo
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