Manila: In the Claws of Darkness


Time Out says

Gripped in the film's subtitular 'claws of darkness', country-boy Julio seeks his lost village sweetheart, lured to the big city by a procuress. Slitting the underbelly of Manila (Brocka's true protagonist), he moves through shanty towns, street markets, building sites, brothels, and cheap Chinese cafés, all throbbing with poisonous life: the sin and cynicism of poverty under President Marcos' regime, captured with a raw immediacy against which the golden, sun-splashed flashbacks of pastoral romance seem like the flimsiest of painted veils.

By: SJo


Release details

125 mins

Cast and crew

Lino Brocka
Clodualdo del Mundo Jr
Rafael Roco Jr
Hilda Koronel
Lou Salvador Jr
Lily Gamboa-Mendoza
Juling Bagabaldo
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