Man's Castle


Time Out says

Borzage was responsible for some of the oddest Hollywood films of the '30s, and few can be more bizarre than Man's Castle, a heated Depression melodrama (from a play by Lawrence Hazard) with Tracy and Young as a pair of incurably optimistic lovers attempting to set up house together in shantytown. Their amoral romantic passion for each other is sufficient in Borzage's eyes to justify theft, even murder. The film ends with one of the director's most poetic images: the couple lying in each other's arms in a boxcar, she still in her wedding-dress.

By: RM


Release details

80 mins

Cast and crew

Frank Borzage
Jo Swerling
Spencer Tracy
Loretta Young
Marjorie Rambeau
Arthur Hohl
Glenda Farrell
Walter Connolly
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