Marilyn – The Untold Story


Time Out says

This made-for-TV movie (originally running 150 minutes) offers few fresh insights into the well-worn topic of Monroe's life and character. The depressingly familiar treatment portrays the stereotypical helpless dumb blonde, in search of a family she never had, vainly attempting to become a serious actress, with little suggestion either of her intelligence and courage, or of the destructive condescension of the men she lived and worked with. Catherine Hicks' performance is proficient enough, if woefully lacking in charisma. But the plodding script rarely transcends banality and ludicrous name-dropping ('Did Mr Kennedy ring?'), while many of the supporting cameos are downright embarrassing.

By: GA


Release details

120 mins

Cast and crew

John Flynn, Jack Arnold, Lawrence Schiller
Dalene Young
Catherine Hicks
Richard Basehart
Frank Converse
John Ireland
Viveca Lindfors
Jason Miller
Sheree North
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